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Latest Vintage Surfboards

Used Skip Frye 

                                                                                                customboard for sale in San Diego
$ 2

Skip Frye San Diego

Used Island surfboard designs, Elliot 

                                                                                                customboard for sale in Waimanalo
$ 10000

Island surfboard designs, Elliot Waimanalo


Vintage Surfboards

Second Hand Boards provides the ultimate free online platform for buying and selling vintage surfboards.

You may hear them referred to as retro, collectors, classic, or vintage surfboards – though for the owners of these boards they are purely pieces of art! And rightfully so – vintage surfboards come in various shapes and sizes and are the epitome of design and craftsmanship. This is precisely why vintage surfboard collection has grown massively in the past decade.


Though old surfboards can be found dating back to the beginning of the century, serious collectors’ most priced possessions hail from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s lively eras in surf culture.

Most popular retro styles are longboard singe fins and twin fin fish, and shapers include McCoys, Lightning Bolt and Hobie.

Modern shapers will often look to these vintage surfboards to draw inspiration for their current “vintage inspired” designs. So rest assured, the legacy will live on.

Vintage and collector surfboards aren’t always easy to find and ones in good condition certainly aren’t cheap. At SHB we aim to connect surfers to make buying and selling vintage surfboards easier than ever. Use our platform to sell or to find cheap vintage surfboards for sale!

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used surfboards guides
used surfboards guides
used surfboards guides
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O'Neill Reactor II 2mm Back-Zip Short-Sleeve Spring Wetsuit - Men's


Roxy Syncro 5/4/3 Hooded Full-Zip GBS Wetsuit - Women's


Vissla 7 Seas 4/3 Full Chest Zip Long-Sleeve Wetsuit - Men's


O'Neill O'riginal 2/1mm Jacket - Men's


Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 5/4 Chest-Zip Hooded Wetsuit - Women's


Vissla 7 Seas 4/3 Back-Zip Full Wetsuit - Men's