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Latest Used Surfboards near Florida

Used al merrick surfboard 5’11 Fcs2 Fins surfboard for sale in Davenport
$ 500

al merrick surfboard 5’11 Fcs2 Fins Davenport

Used Lost Uber Driver 2.0 Carbon Wrap surfboard for sale in Orlando
$ 500

Lost Uber Driver 2.0 Carbon Wrap Orlando


Used Surfboards in Florida, Florida

Second Hand Boards provides the ultimate free online solution for buying and selling used surfboards in Florida.

Florida is the East coast’s most surfable state and it can produce quality waves on the Atlantic coast and even in the Gulf if the conditions are right. That unfortunately seldom happens which earns Florida surf a reputation of being inconsistent. Still locals and tourists alike flock to the ocean in the hope of catching waves while polishing their surfing skills, following in the footsteps of the talent that originates from the state.


While surfing in Florida there are a few hazards to be mindful of.  Sharks and hurricanes are at the top of the list and don’t forget to pile on the sunscreen as the sun can be brutal! 

The best surf spots in Florida lie on the Southern Atlantic coast which receives the best swells and really kicks off during the hurricane season. Sebastian Inlet and Cocoa Beach are among the best breaks not to be missed.  

Most Floridians will lean towards riding shortboards, though you are also likely to see surfers paddling out on fish surfboards or longboards.

Buying your new surfboards direct from a retailer can be pricey, especially when looking at the latest models from popular brands such as Channel Islands, Rusty and Firewire. Another affordable way to add to your quiver is to buy used through our site. 

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Modern Surfboards The Golden Rule Longboard Surfboard


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