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This board has been sold.

Type: Shortboard

Length: 5 ft 10 inches

Brand: LOST


Condition: Very Good

Shipping: Will ship

Posted: 16 Mar 2018

Price : $495

5' 10" LOST Surfboard for sale

Board Location: San Clemente, California

The Sub Driver was created to fall between the Sub Scorcher and Driver models. Based off the Sub Scorcher's outline with the Driver's rocker, concave, and rails. It has more nose rocker but less tail rocker than the Sub Scorcher and does not have the vee through the tail, this allows it to work in thigh high shore break up to head high. The ideal size for intermediate and experienced surfers would be an smaller to mid-sized waves. Ride around 1"-2" bigger than your Sub Scorcher and around 2"-3" smaller than your Scorcher.


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