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used surfboards guides
used surfboards guides
used surfboards guides
used surfboards guides
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used surfboards guides



Catch Surf Odysea 7'0 Log x Taj Burrow Surfboard 2021 - 7'0


Lib Tech x Lost Rocket Redux Futures Surfboard 2022 - 6'0


Softech Bomber FCS II 5'10 Surfboard 2021 - 5'10


Catch Surf Odysea 6'0 Skipper x Taj Burrow Surfboard 2021 - 6'0


Catch Surf Odysea 5'6 Skipper Thruster x Taj Burrow Pro Surfboard 2021 - 5'6


Catch Surf Blank Series 8'0 Log Surfboard 2021 - 8'0 in White


Softech Flash Eric Geiselman FCS II 6'0 Surfboard 2021 - 6'0 in Gray


Catch Surf Odysea Skipper Quad-Fin x Jamie O'Brien Pro Surfboard 2021 - 5'6 in Pink


Lib Tech Funnelator Surfboard 2021 - 5'4 in White | Polyester


Catch Surf Heritage 5'6 Retro Fish Twin Fin Surfboard 2021 - 5'6 in Blue

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used surfboards

Used Surfboards

Browse used surfboards here on! As we all know, new surfboards don't come cheap and even boards from your local shaper can be pretty expensive. High end brands like Surf Tech & CIS will charge more than $800 for this years latest model. So unless your wallet is burning a hole in your pocket, it's best to buy and sell your used surfboards here on the SHB site. Don't forget, if you buy a secondhand board, you can then re-sell it again (and again) for very little loss, especially when buying or selling popular brands.