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Let’s face it, buying a surfboard can be a grueling process. Whether searching through surf shop racks hoping to find that right board, or browsing general auction/social sites not designed to narrow down your search, the process is often time consuming and frustrating. And those selling their surfboards are charged high listing or commission fees when using the popular marketplace sites.    

Well that didn’t seem right to us! So we made things simple, and free. We created the site to connect buyer and seller, and give you all the tools you need whether you’re looking to sell your surfboard or find the exact board you want. We are a 100% free service and always will be, so you never have to worry about spending your hard earned money on listing or commission fees again.

And finally, other online marketplaces are unspecified whereas we are surfboard focused and we aim to build a safe community for surfers to buy and sell used surfboards.

Become a part of the SHB community today! C'mon, get on board.

Simplicity is the name of the game here at SHB. List your surfboard for free on the site in just minutes. Your surfboard will be automatically listed on our search page, and featured in our latest used surfboards on the homepage. We also promote surfboards across our social media for maximum exposure.

If you’re looking to buy a used surfboard, our tools will help you narrow down the search to find exactly what you’re looking for. Once you’ve found that perfect board, contact the seller to arrange a viewing or the terms of the transaction that work best for both of you.

Sign-up to the site is only required when you choose to contact a seller or if you're looking to sell your used surfboard. Once registered, everyone benefits from our MySHB interface where you can message other users, save your favorite boards, searches, manage listings and set alerts. We also offer a comprehensive Surfboard Guide to help you find a used surfboard that’s right for you.

For more information on how it works check out SHB.

There are many reasons why buying a used surfboard is a great idea. It’s not just about saving money although that should be reason enough. A more advanced surfer looking for popular brands like DHD, Rusty, JS or Channel Islands will be all too familiar with the hefty price tag they come with. And those new to the sport will soon understand that it’s hard to find suitable cheap surfboards to learn on. It makes far more sense to buy your first surfboard second hand. In fact used beginner surfboards always hold their value which is great when wanting to re-sell when you’re ready to progress onto something a little more progressive.

Just remember that new boards quickly lose value whereas used boards don’t. If you buy a new board, as soon as you hand over your cash, the value of that board will instantly decline. But if you buy a used surfboard & keep it in reasonable condition, you can always resell it & get most of your money back - every time!

It is our priority to ensure that all SHB users have a safe, secure and successful buying and selling experiences using our platform. As a community website, we support face-to-face, local trade whenever possible. Meaning, if you live in San Diego, it’s best to look for a used surfboard in San Diego, ahead of venturing out to other locations. Let’s face it, most of you will want to check the surfboard out in person and actually see how it feels under your arm before buying it. This is why the map is such a prominent feature on the site making it easier for you to find used surfboards near you!

Latest Used Surfboards

Used Self Brand board for sale in San Luis Obispo
$ 200

Self Brand San Luis Obispo California

Used Al Merrick board for sale in Dana Point
$ 375

Al Merrick Dana Point California

Used Spyder board for sale in Dana Point
$ 300

Spyder Dana Point California

Used Von Sol board for sale in Carlsbad
$ 475

Von Sol Carlsbad California

Used Softech board for sale in Norwalk
$ 200

Softech Norwalk Connecticut

Used Slingshot board for sale in Norwalk
$ 500

Slingshot Norwalk Connecticut


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