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Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP)

Stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. Suitable for all levels, SUPing offers a bit of something for everyone due to its versatility in riding conditions. SUP's are extremely large - with the most volume of all wave riding boards on the market. Firstly you don't even need a wave to go SUPing, just a piece of open water like a lake - which offers the perfect place to get the basics. Many SUPers will venture up rivers, across lakes and estuaries before taking to the waves. Stand up paddle boards are now a regular sight in most line-ups. One thing for sure is that they're here to stay, with world champions already crowned and popularity increasing by the day. New shapes and designs are ever evolving in this relatively new surfing sport.


  • Ideal for catching large waves.
  • If you have one and you ride one, you're generally regarded as a legend.


  • Hard to duck dive.
  • Hard to travel with.
  • Not suited for anything but massive waves.

Ability: Advanced +
Volume:Very Large
Size range: 7'0" - 12'0"
Optimal riding conditions: Small to large surf conditions.
Cost New: $500-$1300 (average price $600-$800)
Cost Used: $250-$650