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The shortboard, also known as a thruster, is a high performance surfboard suitable for experienced riders only. Low in volume, the shape is characterized by a narrow pointy nose, thinner rails, and high rocker which increases manoeuvrability. The modern shortboard is typically under seven feet long and is ideal for "top to bottom surfing" in the critical sections of the wave. The highest level of performance surfing is only achieved on a shortboard.


  • Manoeuvrable
  • Easy to duck dive
  • Lightweight


  • Can be hard to generate speed in weaker waves
  • Harder to catch waves
  • Only suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers
  • Easier to snap than most other boards

Ability: Intermediate-advanced surfers
Volume: Low
Size range: 5'2" - 7'6"
Optimal riding conditions: clean surf, from shoulder high to double over head.
Durability: Fair
Cost New: $400-$900 (average price $450-$800)
Cost Used: $150-$400