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Once at the leading edge of surfboard design, the Long board has aged well over the decades and still remains a popular shape in the world of surfing. At 9 feet or longer, there's clearly enough volume for almost anyone to stand up without the need of much more than a ripple of a wave. And with many parts for the world struggling for quality year round surf conditions, the *Malibu* board has proven to be the number one choice of board for many surfers. On a basic level, the boards are a great option to try surfing for the first time - especially in weaker conditions. On an intermediate level - having a board in your quiver often offers the chance to ride more often than you usually would. Many shortboarders - are faced with countless knee-waist waves in summer of which wouldn't be surfable without a rather large plank tucked away for such times. Longboarding also offers a totally different surfing style and technique to that of shortboarding as the focus remains on walking the board, rather than top to bottom surfing on a shorter board. Despite the focus largely on softer conditions, it's not to say there aren't high performance boards available too.


  • Ideal for learning to surf.
  • Catches waves easily.
  • Performs well in weak, flat faced, sloppy surf.
  • Thicker boards generally don't snap as easily.
  • Gets you in the surf in marginal conditions.
  • Still rides well in onshore conditions.
  • Ideal for those looking to surf just a small number of times each year.
  • Excellent resale value.


  • Hard to duck dive.
  • Not suited for hollow waves.
  • Hard to travel with.
  • Different riding technique to shortboarding.

Ability: Beginners +
Volume: Large
Size range: 9'0" - 12'0"
Optimal riding conditions: Generally small surf conditions.
Cost New: $400-$1300 (average price $500-$800)
Cost Used: $250-$650