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As the name suggests, the Hybrid is a mix of two surfboard designs. Primarily a shortboard in essence, this intermediate level board provides the perfect bridge between a funboard and a shortboard, a gap which is often a difficult progression phase in surfing. The unique template blends the additional volume of a funboard with the overall outline of a more advanced shape in the short board. This model has allowed mid level riders a new found freedom to surf the way they want to without sacrificing the ability to catch waves. A fuller nose and a wider template (than that of a traditional shortboard) - adds volume and creates additional buoyancy. In turn, this makes catching waves easier, improving your wave count that can sometimes be otherwise reduced when moving onto a more progressive board than you're used to.

Hybrids often have a swallow tail so they don't lose traction on the bigger days - but these versatile boards are also used for weak marginal conditions or if you're weighed down with a winter wetsuit


  • Suitable for bigger / heavier surfers (intermediate-advanced riders).
  • Performs well in most conditions.
  • Great alternative to a shortboard.


  • Harder to duck dive due to the increased volume
  • Not ideal in hollow waves

Ability: Progressing beginners to intermediate-advanced riders
Volume: Medium
Size range: 6'6" - 8'4"
Optimal riding conditions: Performs well in most conditions from chest high to double over head..
Cost New: $400-$800 (average price $500-$800)
Cost Used: $200-$400