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Guns are the largest performance based boards - designed specifically for riding the biggest waves on the planet. Volume and length are main focus of design. Unless you're a hell man or live on the North Shore of Oahu, chances are you won't have one in your quiver. These Rhino chasers are generally categorised into 3 types of big wave board - all designed to paddle into the wave, unaided by a jet ski. The first design is all about the drop - and not much more, except holding on. Think of waves like Maverick's, Todos Santos or Waimea Bay. For these types of waves, the boards are long (9'-11') and a little thicker than normal, but quite narrow. They'll catch waves as early as possible to make the drop and hopefully maintain enough speed to out run the beast behind you.

Another type of big wave board would be for waves like Sunset or Blacks where surfers have some opportunity to make some turns on the face. Slightly more manoeuvrable than that of the first type, these guns are usually smaller (7-9') and will have slightly more curve in the board.

The final big wave board would be for waves like Chopes or Pipe - where the waves are almost wider than they are thick. These mini guns are much shorter (7-8') and are closer in design to a standard short board.


  • Ideal for catching large waves.
  • If you have one and you ride one, you're generally regarded as a legend.


  • Hard to duck dive.
  • Hard to travel with.
  • Not suited for anything but massive waves.

Ability: Advanced +
Volume: Large
Size range: 7'0" - 12'0"
Optimal riding conditions: Huge conditions.
Cost New: $650-$1300 (average price $500-$800)
Cost Used: $250-$650