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The fish is without question the perfect board for weak, gutless waves - often found in the summer. Conditions that a shortboard will struggle in are the perfect for this larger volume surfboard. Firstly your wave count will be higher when riding this retro shape - given its fuller nose and flat, wide template. These characteristics also generate fantastic down the line speed - perfect for making crumbly sections that don't offer a shortboard any option to gain speed. The fish produces speed where a shortboard can't compete. But with this straight line speed, sacrifices are also made in its performance. Due to the wide tail, and fuller template - the fish will not perform in hollow, fast waves. And with bulky rails and added volume - the board loses in the performance rankings - especially compared to the shortboard.


  • Catches waves easily
  • Performs well in weak, flat faced, sloppy surf
  • Thicker boards generally don't snap as easily
  • Gets you in the surf in marginal conditions
  • Still rides well in onshore conditions


  • Not suited for hollow or large waves
  • Corky boards aren't as performance orientated as a shortboard.
  • Hard to duck dive

Ability: Intermediate-advanced surfers
Volume: Medium
Size range: 5'0" - 6'2"
Optimal riding conditions: Weaker, flat faced waves.
Cost New: $400-$900 (average price $450-$800)
Cost Used: $200-$400