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SUP / Racks Pads and Straps


Availability: in stock

Size(s): ,

Price : $65

Buy Now from Stand on Liquid

Suspenz SUP Storage Rack

Caring for your paddleboard is important, and storing it correctly is at the top of the list. Suspension by straps results in no pressure points on your SUP since it never touches a hard surface, this reduces damage while storing and keeps your board happy. The Suspenz SUP Storage Rack attaches easily to a wall or a free-standing rack. Extending 10" from the wall with an 8" "U" opening, the Storage Racks take up little space. Safety straps hold your board securely in place. A spacing chart gives lets you know exactly how far apart to mount the racks so weight is evenly distributed.

- Adjustable Straps to Suspend Your SUP
- Safety Straps
- Indoor & Outdoor Use
- Includes 2 SUP Bars with straps and Wall Mounting Hardware

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