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Surfboards / Surfboards

Brand: Solid Surf Co

Availability: in stock

Size(s): 7'8",

Price : $795

Buy Now from EVO

Solid Surf Co EZ Street Surfboard 2021 - 7'8 in Orange | Solid Surf Co Funboards > The Solid Surf Co EZ Street Surfboard features a pinned out tail, blunted nose, and low rocker for an old school longboard front and a performance egg / fun gun back end. With a hard edge through the tail and 4+1 fin setup, this thing has impressive hold when the surf starts to pick up, while some vee and a narrower tail allow this board to maneuver on a dime. When the waves get small, post up on the front end of this thing and go to town. A great board for very small waves all the way up to a well overhead session. Made On the West Coast Shape Fun performance mid length. Blunt nose for easy paddling and nose riding, pulled in pin tail for easy maneuvering and holding a solid line in mushy to steep conditions. Quad Plus Center Fin (Futures) Geat options for a variety of conditions. Single fin for cruising and down the line speed. Add side fins for a bit more grip and responsiveness. Setup as a Quad for a good combo of speed and maneuverability. BIOflex Construction Earth-friendly BIOflex construction utilizes the strength and versatility of eco-friendly hemp lamination and plant-based epoxy resin core. Board Style Mid Length / Funboard / Egg | Solid Surf Co EZ Street Surfboard 2021 - 7'8 in Orange

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