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Wetsuits / Mens Wetsuits

Brand: Quiksilver

Availability: in-stock

Size(s): M, S, XXL,

Price : $95 $75 (21% discount)

Buy Now from BackCountry

Quiksilver 2/2 Syncro Back Zip FLT Springsuit - Men's

From late summer in Southern California to early fall on the East Coast, enjoy long days of surfing in mild waters with the Quiksilver Men's 2/2 Syncro Back Zip FLT Springsuit. Premium materials ensure high levels of performance, and it clocks in at under one hundred bucks, so you don't have to choose between getting a new wetsuit and paying rent. F'N Lite neoprene is built with extra air bubbles that increase warmth without the need for extra material, which means the suit remains both lightweight and flexible. Flatlock seams are super-durable, and they offer a smooth feel that won't chafe your skin during those summer afternoons in Malibu or autumn mornings at the Outer Banks.

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