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Accessories / Bags And Packs

Brand: Pro-Lite

Availability: in-stock

Size(s): 6'6",

Price : $281

Buy Now from BackCountry

Pro-Lite Timmy Reyes Signature Smuggler Travel Surfboard Bag - Fish

You're like a fish out water when you travel without your Pro-lite Timmy Reyes Signature Smuggler Travel Fish Surfboard Bag. Designed to hold three boards, this bag boasts a false bottom which only shows two bags when your contents are being ogled by luggage inspectors. The reinforced nose, rugged polyester fabric, and Air-Lite foam padding offer unwavering protection, and the non-corrosive zipper keeps your contents secure. Not to mention, the bag is fashioned with vents that offer temperature regulation for your board, while the myriad of pockets keeps all of your necessities safe and well-organized.

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