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Accessories / Bags And Packs

Brand: Pro-Lite

Availability: in-stock

Size(s): 6', 6'10", 6'3", 6'6",

Price : $252

Buy Now from BackCountry

Pro-Lite Smuggler Series Travel Surfboard Bag - Short

Sneak through security with a couple extra bucks on your next surf trip thanks to the Pro-Lite Smuggler Series Travel Surfboard Bag. A false bottom hides your third board from either side of this bag, letting you bring your whole quiver of short boards without worrying about the extra cost. To further simplify your travel day, this pack features a large outer pocket to stash your wetsuit as well as an inner pocket for your wax or other small items. For peace of mind, and to ensure your boards get there in one piece, the Smuggler features a reinforced nose, vented airflow to cool your boards, and a rail guard around the zipper.

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