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SUP / Leashes


Availability: in stock

Size(s): 10',

Price : $31

Buy Now from Stand on Liquid

Pro-Lite Freesurf 10'0 SUP Leash "

Designed for small, medium to overhead surf, the Pro-Lite Freesurf 10'0" SUP Leash keeps you attached to your paddle board or surfboard for a safe ride. The 7mm diameter thick urethane cord is extremely tough and so lightweight you'll barely know it's there. The finished neoprene cuff offers maximum comfort while the stainless steel double swivel keeps the leash out from under your feet and allows for maximum movement during your paddle and surfing adventure. Enjoy reduced pull with the custom Pro-Lite mold, offering super flexibility to the ends and a recessed horn. Offered in both an ankle and knee cuff.

- Stainless Steel Double Swivel
- Detachable Rail Saver
- Neoprene Cuff
- Designed for Small, Medium to Overhead Surf

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