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SUP / Paddle Boards


Availability: in stock

Size(s): 10',

Price : $1,249

Buy Now from Stand on Liquid

Pau Hana Oahu 10'0 Paddle Board"

Pau Hana combines sweet design with functionality in the Oahu 10' all around paddle board. Optimized for stability and maneuverability in all types of water, this SUP performs on flat water, chop, and in the ocean. Whether your plans include adventuring, SUP yoga, paddle surfing, or just cruising around, this stand up paddle board is designed to take you there. Featuring a spooned-out nose, fuller rails, and a wide tail the Pau Hana Oahu excels as a nose rider in the ocean. The quad + 1 fin setup allows you to determine which setup is best for the water conditions you're in. And the beautifully patterned deck pad is designed to drain water and provide traction.

Featuring superior durability with Pau Hana's "bamboo sandwich" construction, you can rest easy knowing your Oahu 10' SUP will endure the years and usage for ultimate longevity. As one of the strongest classic techniques for paddle board construction, the bamboo and fiberglass layers provide the lightweight SUP you want with the high impact strength you need, exceeding traditional fiberglass construction in durability.

- Great all-around board for paddle surfing, flatwater, or anywhere in between.
- Thermal vacuum compressed construction with bamboo reinforcements.
- Quad + 1 fin system
- Gortex self-venting vent plug
- five Seamount attachment plugs

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