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Wetsuits / Womens Wetsuits

Brand: Patagonia

Availability: in-stock

Size(s): 10, 2, 4, 6, 8,

Price : $69 $48 (30% discount)

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Patagonia R1 Lite Yulex Surf Short - Women's

Patagonia's R1 Lite Yulex Surf Short adds a touch of warmth through early-morning surf and breezy conditions with its 1. 5-millimeter thickness. It's a great addition for surfing in warmer water ranging from 65 to 75 degrees. The low-cut design enhances flexibility when you're duck diving under oncoming waves and dropping into clean swells, and smooth flatlock seams eliminate chafing and irritation from the equation, so you can surf until the sun goes down. One of surfing's dirtiest secrets is its reliance on neoprene wetsuits, which use petroleum-intensive methods and toxic chemicals throughout production. Eliminating this problem from high-performance surf wear, the Patagonia swaps out traditional neoprene for bio-based Yulex rubber. Yulex natural rubber offers the same warmth and performance characteristics of neoprene, ensuring you stay warm and flexible in your local line-up. And since Patagonia believes in forever improving, they've reformulated the Yulex in 2019 to be even lighter, stretchier, and comfier than before.

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