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Surfboards / Longboards

Brand: NSP

Availability: in-stock

Size(s): 7'6",

Price : $699

Buy Now from BackCountry

NSP Coco Flax Dream Rider Longboard Surfboard

A blast to ride, the NSP Coco Flax Dreamrider Longboard Surfboard is designed with features for both those looking to learn quickly and those who value style. It is constructed with innovative Coco Flax construction that uses NSP's eco-friendly raw coconut husk fibers sourced from sustainable plantations to give the board a performance strength-to-weight ratio that is light to carry, maneuver, and easy to paddle. Now, new to 2019, the board is layered with Flax fiber rails instead of fiberglass for a board construction that uses significantly less fiberglass to reduce NSP's carbon footprint. These Flax fiber rails deliver durable, responsive performance that allows you to charge through the waves. This longer performance board is fun and versatile thanks to its fast tracking skills and substantial nose area, which boosts paddle power and makes catching waves easy in a variety of conditions. An exotic double wing pintail optimizes your board's stability and shortens the turning radius to provide a quick and snappy ride underfoot. Whether the conditions are firing or it's just three-foot rolling waves, the Fun Dreamrider is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face when you're paddling out with it.

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