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Surfboards / Surfboards

Brand: Modern Surfboards

Size(s): ,

Price : $475

Buy Now from BackCountry

Modern Surfboards Love Child ES Blackbird Edition Longboard Surfboard

Already a versatile cruiser that we love for surefire wave-catching the Modern MD Love Child Longboard Surfboard comes to us this year with a more fun forgiving Epoxy Soft (ES) construction. This durable construction combines a surprisingly high level of performance with an easygoing soft board feel that's guaranteed to induce all-day smiles. The longboard outline places substantial surface area up front with a more tapered outline in the tail to help us easily catch waves paddle with efficiency and turn with surprising agility in tight spots. This huge stable zone under the front foot and chest is complemented by the low rocker for effortlessly gliding into waves and keeping our speed up down the line. Throw in the versatile fin configuration and a pronounced vee-double concave and this board is ready to rip everything from mellow one-footers to slashy six-footers. Warehouse Note: This product has been incorrectly labeled as the Blackbird model during manufacturing.

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