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Surfboards / Shortboards

Brand: Modern Surfboards

Availability: in-stock

Size(s): 6'2", 6'4", 6'8",

Price : $425

Buy Now from BackCountry

Modern Surfboards Highline PU Surfboard

They say practice makes perfect, but it's hard to stay motivated to keep paddling out there when you're not catching very many waves. Built to help you get as much experience as possible, the Modern Surfboards Highline PU Surfboard offers an easier ride to novice-to-intermediate surfers to help them develop their skills more quickly and maximize enjoyment. To make this board ideal for progressing riders, Modern Surfboards made it very buoyant so it's easy to paddle, stable so you can pop up with confidence, and easy to control for perfecting your turns. Requiring less effort to catch waves, the flat rocker helps the board paddle quickly into waves and maintain speed once you're up. The back half of the board sports a raised vee with double concave to offset the extra width, allowing for easier rail-to-rail transitions when turning. Full, yet still soft rails creates a forgiving feel that makes it easier to learn to link turns together. Basically, if you want to start having more fun out in the surf, you won't be disappointed by the Highline PU.

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