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Surfboards / Longboards

Brand: Modern Surfboards

Availability: in-stock

Size(s): 7', 8',

Price : $495

Buy Now from BackCountry

Modern Surfboards Blackbird XB Longboard Surfboard

The Modern Sufboards Blackbird XB Longboard Surfboard is designed to provide you with a stable, flowing ride for everyday conditions. It is constructed with epoxy bamboo for a lightweight yet highly durable board that is particularly strong on the deck for a stable platform. This funboard has a generous outline for stability on small and medium sized waves and makes it easier for you when you're transitioning from wastewater to unbroken waves. Its low, relaxed rocker makes for more efficient paddling and allows you to make smooth, flowing turns on the face of the waves. Finally, with included fins, you'll be ready to hit the surf right away.

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