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Surfboards / Shortboards

Brand: Lib Technologies

Availability: in-stock

Size(s): 5'11", 5'5", 5'7", 5'9", 6'1", 6'3",

Price : $700

Buy Now from BackCountry

Lib Technologies Nude Bowl Surfboard

When you head out on a long surf trip around the globe, keep the quiver at home and bring the do-it-all Nude Bowl Surfboard. Shaped by Jeff "Hendo" Henderson and made for the experienced rider for medium waves, this board was designed to be a daily driver for aggressive modern surfing. A low rocker profile and single concave design, this board is stable at higher speeds while still being able to snap turns off the lip. Lib Tech also made it a priority to produce their boards in the most environmentally friendly manner possible. With the exception of the stainless steel fin screws, every piece of the Vert Series uses materials that are new to the surf industry to create a board that's environmentally friendly without sacrificing performance. Completely waterproof Nitrogenecell foam is made from 25-40% recycled content, and woven basalt fibers increase damping and impact-resistance while reducing the use of plastics. Bio-Matrix Resin reduces VOCs and offers a longer lifespan than more toxic epoxies.

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