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Accessories / Bags And Packs

Brand: FCS

Availability: in-stock

Size(s): 7',

Price : $342

Buy Now from BackCountry

FCS Travel 3 Fun Board Surfboard Bag

Whether you are international swell hunting or hitting up the local break, you can rely on the FCS Travel 3 bag to get your fun boards to the water in one-piece. A durable nylon shell fabric protects against abrasion from baggage carousels while the extra-thick 12mm dual density padding insulates against hard impacts on rocky shore terrain. For extra impact insurance, FCS added a 2mm plastic nose plate and padded sides to protect the more vulnerable parts of your board that are susceptible to brutal bumps and dings. To minimize travel trauma, the internal board straps secure your cargo in place while the external compression straps remove excess interior space. By eliminating any internal jostling and friction you no longer have to fear the consequences violent turbulence or aggressive bus drivers might have on your precious cargo. FCS designed this durable bag to protect your sticks in transit but added features to make your travels smooth and keep your stoke high. A padded shoulder strap and molded handle make your commute to the water a cinch with ergonomic designs that keep you comfortable while carrying. When you hit the beach, the PK Delrin zippers that have stood up to travel abuse will now safeguard against corrosive salt water to keep you in business instead of fighting a frozen zipper. Tie down loops and an internal accessory pocket stow essential gear so you are ready to hit the water as soon as you arrive. When you head out to catch a wave turn your bag upside down so the white underside can deflect harmful UV rays and keep your backup boards cool and safe from dreadful delamination.

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