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SUP / Paddle Boards


Availability: in stock

Size(s): 11',

Price : $1,399 $1,259 (10% discount)

Buy Now from Stand on Liquid

Boardworks SUP 2018 Verve 11'0 Paddle Board"

The 2018 Boardworks SUP Verve 11'0" paddle board is designed for race training and medium distance paddling in calmer water conditions. The sleek shape and 27.5" width provide a hydrodynamic glide with a reduced volume for a more aggressive performance. The displacement hull cuts effortlessly through the water increasing tracking and maintains speed. Enjoy greater stability with the recessed standing area and square tail, which releases water easily while providing added stability. The Verve is a great SUP for smaller paddlers who want to race recreationally or get a workout on the water.

The Verve is constructed with Boardworks' Vector Net technology. The CAD designed stringer-less EPS core is hand laminated with fiberglass cloths, carbon vector netting, and finished with high-quality epoxy resin. The Carbon vector netting on the deck reduces weight while increasing stiffness for power transfer and acceleration.

- Carbon Vector Net Construction
- LiftSUP Handle
- Nose Tie-down Points
- Honey Fomb Deck Pad

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