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Surfboards / Shortboards

Brand: 7S

Availability: in-stock

Size(s): 5'10", 5'6", 5'8", 6', 6'2", 6'4",

Price : $550

Buy Now from BackCountry

7S Hook Twin Fin Shortboard Surfboard

Paddle out confidently on the 7S Hook Twin Fin Shortboard Surfboard in waves of varying size and consistency with the forward-thinking twin design and solid blend of old-and new-school construction techniques. Bringing a modern twist to the traditional fish outline, 7S shaped this board with full volume upfront, and then narrowed it through the tail, promoting an easier rail-to-rail transition and engages the wave with more force when turning. Moderate to low rocker has enough curve to let you surf closer to the pocket, while still being able to draw longer lines on more open waves. The signature 7S step-deck contours maintains powerful drive without compromising the sensitive boardfeel underfoot. Possibly the most important part of this board is the fin placement, which has them positioned further back than most twin models, eliminating any sketchy feeling when driving through bottom turns and improving overall control.

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