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SUP / Paddle Boards


Availability: in stock

Size(s): 10'6",

Price : $1,225

Buy Now from Stand on Liquid

404 Floater 10'6 Paddle Board"

At first glance you'll notice the clean design of the 404 Floater 10'6" Paddleboard, but as soon as you get on, you'll notice the fantastic performance and fun shape. Designed for surf and all around cruising on flat water, the Floater features a hybrid SUP design with a slight rocker and 2 + 1 fin setup for conditions of all kinds. The extended deck pad keeps your feet dry and comfortable with FCS molded SUP Traction. The FCS GoPro compatible plug at the nose allows for a camera mount to capture all your fun adventures.

The 404 Floater is extra durable while remaining as light as possible. Starting with a .75 lb EPS foam wrapped in 3mm PVC on top and bottom layered with a 4 oz layer of fiberglass on bottom and then a 2.5 oz fiberglass all around.

- FCS Handle
- Self Regulating Air Vent
- FCS GoPro Compatible Plug
- FCS Molded SUP Traction

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