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Latest Used Hypto Krypto surfboards


Used Hypto Krypto surfboards

Second Hand Boards provides the ultimate free online platform for buying and selling used Hypto Krypto surfboards.

When HaydenShapes set out to design their globally best selling model Hypto Krypto, they carefully examined the needs of an everyday surfer looking for a board which would perform in all types of surf conditions. The board uses HaydenShapes signature patented parabolic carbon fiber technology Futureflex, and packs a lot of volume in a relatively small package making it easier to catch waves from 1ft – 8ft.  It’s versatility and sleek modern design catapulted it to the top of everyone’s quiver wish lists, and has even won the coveted title of surfboard of the year in the US and USA 3 times in 2014 and 2015.

Looking to update your quiver with a stylish and slick Hypto Krypto without breaking the bank? At SHB you can grab yourself a true deal by buying a used Hypto Krypto surfboard for a fraction of the new retail cost.

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