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Latest Used Firewire surfboards

Used FireWire Seaside n beyond 7’4” surfboard brandsboard for sale in Bellevue
$ 525

FireWire Seaside n beyond 7’4” surfboard Bellevue

Used Firewire Taylor Jensen brandsboard for sale in Brooklyn
$ 550

Firewire Taylor Jensen Brooklyn


Used Firewire surfboards

Second Hand Boards provides the ultimate free online platform for buying and selling used Firewire surfboards.

 Firewire Surfboards is the brainchild of an Australian shaper Nev Hyman who started shaping boards in the 70’s, and steadily grew his brand to now become one of the most recognizable and sought after boards in the industry.


Firewire started making some major waves in early 2000’s with their new and advanced surfboard technology.  With the focus on performance and durability, they believe that a combination of Epoxy and ESP is the future of surfboard design. By using a patented construction, Firewire surfboards are much lighter and durable than the conventional polyurethane boards.

With pro surfers of the likes of Kelly Slater lining up to ride their boards, Firewire has truly solidified a top spot in the surfing arena.

Today the Firewire technology is used on a variety of models of different sizes and shapes.  Some of Firewire’s most popular models include The Baked Potato, Greedy Beaver, Evo, and Almond Butter.

Looking to getting your hands on a sweet Firewire board without breaking the bank? At SHB you can find yourself a great deal by buying a used Firewire surfboard for a fraction of the new retail cost.  As Firewire surfboards are known for their high grade, tough materials you don’t need to worry about durability – which is fundamental in landing a quality used surfboard.

Check out used Firewire surfboards on SHB.

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