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Latest Used Channel Islands surfboards

Used Channel Islands brandsboard for sale in Huntington Beach
$ 325

Channel Islands Huntington Beach

Used Channel Islands brandsboard for sale in Los Angeles
$ 400

Channel Islands Los Angeles


Used Channel Islands surfboards

Second Hand Boards provides the ultimate free online platform for buying and selling used Channel Islands surfboards.

Channel Islands is one of surfing’s most recognizable brands today.  With powerhouses like Kelly Slater, Rob Machado and Dane Raynolds (just to name a few) riding CI’s designs, it’s a true testament to the level of greatness the brand has been able to achieve in the surfboard shaping world.


The genius behind the label is Al Merrick, who started shaping boards back in 1969, at which point surfing was still very much dominated by longboards.  A very important shift began to slowly emerge, however, where surfers were willing to try shorter boards. This motivated Al Merrick to design more responsive shortboards, and bring them into the forefront of surfing.  Though not immediately popular, in 1982 Tom Curren helped solidify the brand’s image as the board of choice for champions, and push it into the mainstream.

Today, Channel Island’s surfboards produces over thirty different models including shortboards, longboards, hybrids, guns, fish, and custom models. It is still very much focused on originality and innovation as it’s been throughout its existence. Some of the most popular models include the New Flyer, The Dumpster Diver, and T-Low. 

Whether you want to update your quiver with a new board or looking for your very first stick, at SHB you can grab yourself a great deal by buying a used Channel Islands surfboard for a fraction of what you would pay for a new model.

Check out used Channel Islands Surfboards on SHB.

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