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Surfboard guide

Finding the right surfboard for you

Unless you’re a local seasoned pro or perhaps a diehard weekend warrior, it can be a pretty overwhelming experience trying to choose between the current surfboard designs available on the market today. In fact although there’s more choice than ever, in reality, it’s this ever growing and evolving smorgasbord of new models that have made the task of choosing “the right board for you” somewhat challenging. Here at Second Hand Boards, we’ve simplified things into more manageable genres, easing the decision process. It’s no secret that when choosing a surfboard there are many variables to consider including your age, weight, fitness level & surfing ability. Ultimately, this will then determine the shape and the overall volume of the board best suited for you. Further thought should be given to the various board types, their construction as well as the various fin setups that are available. Our guide includes a comprehensive list of surfboard designs including detailed descriptions of; fish, shortboards, hybrid boards, funboards, longboards, guns & stand up paddle boards (SUPs). The guide also features useful information regarding your ability, women, boys and girls, surfboard construction, second hand boards & fin set-up. It’s pretty comprehensive and it should ease the pain when trying to look for that perfect board!

Snowboard guide

Finding the right snowboard for you

Let’s face it, most of us would love to snowboard everyday but probably 99% of the worlds snowboarders ride, at most, 1 or 2 trips per year. We all love the thrill of the ride but in reality, snowboarding for the majority is somewhat of an occasional hobby, even if you can’t wait for winter to arrive each year. It’s true to say that most part timers will simply ride the same board they bought 5 years ago because it’s still in reasonable condition and upgrading their board is more of an afterthought when back on the slopes. But, at some point, whether it’s your first week on the slopes, you’re sick of renting or simply because you decided it was time to upgrade – it’s certainly not an easy task. The shear mountain of websites available with what seems like an infinite number of brands, displaying dozens of pro models as well as last season’s discounted stock, doesn’t make things easy. Here at Second Hand Boards, we’ve put together the bare basics of what to look for when choosing a snowboard. With topics covered such as your age, weight, fitness level & snowboarding ability as well as the main board designs including; all mountain snowboards, freestyle boards, freeride snowboards, split boards and carving boards. There’s also additional info for women, boys and girls as well as a brief understanding of snowboard camber, snowboard shapes & how to buy and sell a secondhand snowboard. We’d like to think our guide will put the fun back in buying a snowboard as it should be one of the best things you do all year - apart from shredding! Let’s face it, most of us would love to snowboard everyday but end up, at most, managing to squeeze in a couple of trips per year.