We all love the excitement of buying a new surfboard and nothing gets us more pumped than the feeling of it held under our arm. But is it really necessary to buy brand new every time? Can a “used” surfboard replicate that new board buzz? Well, here are 10 reasons why buying “used” is the new new.

1) It’ll cost you less. Ok so we’ll start with the obvious one. And perhaps it’s the main reason for buying second hand. But no one wants to spend a small fortune on a board – but when buying brand new it’s hard not to. And those shrewd enough to buy used will have more cash in their pocket for their next acquisition.

    2) You’ll surf more and who doesn’t want that!? If you’re buying a few more boards (now that you’re not buying brand new) - there’s no question about it, you’ll surf more. Because let’s face it, you’ll be way more pumped to surf less than epic conditions, now that you have a nice stick to test out.

Improve your surfing by going second hand

3) You’ll improve as a surfer – because you’ll ride different boards. Many of us are guilty of sticking to a standard board and if you’re splurging out on a brand new one, you’re probably less likely to want to risk too much of a change. The truth of the matter is that trying out and surfing different boards can reignite your love of surfing when things get stagnant. Some of us buy boards every few months; others stick to 1 or 2 boards every year or so. But no one’s arguing that you’ll be a better surfer if you consistently surf a nice variation of boards.

4) You’ll accumulate a bigger quiver. If surfing is your passion, then accumulating a load of boards is like someone else’s trophy collection. Each board has a story and each board has its place. Lend some out, save some for your kids or just show them off to your friends. Either way, you’ll never meet a surfer who doesn’t like to have plenty of boards in their quiver.

5) You’ll be eternally stoked. There’s nothing like a run of average to poor surf to get anyone a little bummed out. But now that you’re surfing more and you’re trying more boards out – your stoke levels will always remain high even when your friends are bitching about a flat spell.

6) You’ll be more Eco friendly. Ok it’s a bit of a stretch to say, but ultimately you’re officially contributing to a more sustainable society now that you’re recycling boards. The feel good factor is high, even if it’s a bit of a stretch to claim you’re an eco warrior. 

7) You won’t get so bummed if you snap or badly damage a board. No worries, it’s not brand new, it’s seen a bit of action – and you’ve got plenty more in the garage!

8) Happily lend boards to your friends. Let’s be honest, no one really wants to lend anyone their surfboard. If you have 1 or 2 really good boards (that you bought new), the idea of lending them out isn’t that appealing. But if you have half a dozen semi beaten up boards, you’ll gladly lend them out and karma will give you a nice pat on the back. Besides, this way you’ll never need to lend out your favourite stick when you really don’t want to!

    9) Get your money back. If you buy a new board and surf it once or twice, you’ll lose about 1/3 of its value. It’s just like buying a brand new car. Hand over the keys and watch the value plummet. If you don’t like it & you want to resell the board, than be prepared to lose out big time. But if you’d have bought the board “used”, more often than not you can reap most of your cash back when reselling right away.

10) Buying “used” doesn’t always compromise quality. Ok so if you buy a beat up board for next to nothing then don’t expect the lightest and most responsive board on the market, that’s pretty obvious. But many of us who ride thicker boards probably wouldn’t notice any performance issues with a board that has been surfed a handful of times. Simply buying new won’t make you a better surfer!


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