Perfect point breaks, uncrowded reefs and still thousands of miles coastline to be explored. Throw in a mix of exotic culture, heavenly food and annual sunshine and you understand why Morocco is a surfers dream. Its popularity will no doubt continue for the foreseeable future as new direct flights are popping up monthly from most European destinations at throw-away prices. Morocco can even now be accessed directly with an affordable transatlantic flight from North America. 

We recently reached out to long time friend Nigel Cross, co-owner of Moroccan Surf Adventures to get the low down on the best sticks for this unique stretch of coastline. During the last decade he's had the privilege of working with some of the best surfers in the business on various photo and film shoots & has managed to sneak a few of their finely tuned boards into the Moroccan surf adventures racks for "safe keeping" after they've left. Board blagging at its finest!
(Nige): "I’ve surfed over 35 years now and grew up on surfing thrusters, narrow pointy ones that definitely worked better for the ‘Momentum Generation” but, hey ho thats all we had. Over the last 15 years the range of board types and styles has thankfully increased and i wanted to list a few of my current  ‘go to’ favorites in order to maybe inspire you for a Moroccan visit should such a trip be on your bucket list. 

I’m around 175lbs and my standard board has around 28 litres of volume."

5’7 x 19.5 x 2.5 "Quad Fish" by Gary McNeill Concepts (Quad)
- Chest to head high waves

Quad Fish Gary McNeill

"After a visit from Dave Rastovich, Trevor Gordon and Ryan Birch it was time to get a little experimental in my quiver and embrace something different. All exceptionally talented surfers riding boards which I didn’t know half the time if they were pointed forward or backwards. The little fish above was kindly shaped by Dave’s long term shaper Gary McNeill in Australia. With a bum crack to make a Kardashian jealous and constructed from Gary’s amazing stringer less blanks its been ‘hands down’ a firm favorite of mine over the last few years and still in immaculate condition. It has some limitations on bigger days but if you have a faithful fish at home, make it an inclusion in the board bag for Morocco."

5’9 x 19.25 x 2.25 "Rocket 9" by Channel Islands (Twin plus trailer)
- head high waves+

Rocket 9

"This board was donated by the worlds happiest surfers, the Gudauskas brothers, whilst we helped them with their amazing travel series, "Down Days", The rocket 9 model is like a mullet haircut, business at the front but party at the back. With a little extra volume under the chest it paddles like a dream but once up and riding the swallow tail has great release. The twin fin with trailer set up drives super well on the points here and turns on a sixpence. If you have something similar I’d recommend you bring it."

6’0 x 19.5 x 2.4 "Black and White" by Channel Islands (Thruster)
- Head high to double overhead

Black & White

"This was thanks to Dane Reynolds when he left us most of his quiver on a photo shoot with Surfer magazine a few years back. Watching Dane surf is something else. He sits off the pack on the points, doesn’t necessarily wait for the best waves but goes about business in a way that few can rival. This board kinda reflects that. It has a simple, uncomplicated outline, medium to low rocker and a medium width squash tail. In head to double overhead it seems exactly what any surfer needs. I’ve taken this model to Indo numerous times and ridden it plenty at solid Anchor point and Killers Point. I would definitely recommend a simple, uncomplicated thruster for your board bag."

6’4 x 19.5 x 2.35 Rounded Pin semi Pro by Channel Islands (Thruster)
- Head and a Half to Double overhead+

Semi Pro Channel Islands

"Thanks to Soli Bailey for this one and nice to see him win Pipe and qualify for the tour this year. Its defiantly a board you feel confident with when the points are good here if you come between November and March I would say this kind of ’Step up’ could give you the best moments of your trip. With a straight outline and nice pulled in pin tail, it’s built for speed. I ride this board with some medium raked out fins for carving on the open face. Definitely the sort of board you would take to Indonesia as your step up and it’s also pretty comfortable here at Anchor point, Killer Point or Dracula’s. Pack something similar if you a coming in the winter months as 3 meter swells on the open breaks are not uncommon."

6’10 x 19.5 x 2.5 Pin Tail
 by Jason Flanagan Surfboards (Thruster)
- Double overhead+

Flanagan Surfboards

"OK the board bag is bulging but if you have room for an extra sled then go the whole hog and bring a gun! I had this shaped for treble overhead plus days in Morocco earlier this year by Jason Flanagan. Jason rides this model himself at XL Anchor Point, Killer Point and Safi Point up the coast. The point breaks in Morocco have a deep water feel once things get serious along with strong current and having a ‘paddler’ is essential.  Again I’m using a medium size future fin with some additional rake on this board as there is plenty of face for turns even on big days here. Some trips you may use this board and other times it may collect dust but it's a great insurance policy if things get hectic during your trip." 

And that's a wrap! A massive thanks again to Nige for his local knowledge & in depth board analysis. 

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