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salomon s core
Size Range

6'0" - 7'2"

Typical Dimesions

6'1" x 18 x 2 1/8

Design Features

lighter, stronger than PU boards


More responsive and faster than a traditional shortboard
s-core surfboard

The S core is a new generation of blank enginered by Salomon, with input of some of the worlds best shapers. The blank is shaped and finished like a traditional blank, but is much more responsive and faster than a traditional board. The difference comes from an inside-out engineering process resulting in a carbon composite structure which optimises the flex and behavior of the board. Effectively the S core provides a custom shaped board which is more reactive, faster and lighter than traditonal PU boards. here are some key featyres regarding the S core:

The S core surfboard is :

10% stronger than a PU board.

20% more flex and damping than a PU board

The board is made from extruded polystyren and is "blue"

At this point you cant get a fully personalised board, but in the future you will be able to.

The S core is not an Epoxy sandwich board (like Surf Tech)

S core has a growing number of shapers joining the team

S core uses FCS, Future Fins, Red X and speed fin systems.

The boards are more expensive.

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